Introducing Awesimals

Color variations of Awesimals: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Fushia, Teal, Purple

A fun, interactive iPhone and iPod Touch character case that's made just for kids. Now available for $14.99 with free shipping!

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What is an Awesimal anyway?

With all the technology out there, we thought it was about time kids have an iPhone case or iPod Touch case all their own.

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A case that’s not just a case, but a fun character that comes to life by talking back when it’s spoken to. An Awesimal can stand up or lay on it’s side to watch movies and videos. And this little guy even protects your iPhone or iPod Touch. Kids, say hello to your new little friend.

Awesimal on its side

Get the Awesimals App

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With the app, an Awesimal can repeat what you say, and you can create crazy-face screen savers. See how in the video below:

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